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Leaning an operational delivery process - Research Paper Example

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Controlling the costs of inventories and assets should be under focus of any organisation that intends to succeed. Effective inventory control is started before purchasing the…
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Leaning an operational delivery process
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Download file to see previous pages Inventory management practices are essential aspects of any organisation. Many organisations have changed from the traditional settings to production and inventory management. The role of inventory management is to ensure faster inventory turnover.
Artisanal Burger Company (ABC) Restaurant is a joint that is famous for its burgers, homemade bread and delicious omelets. The restaurant is located at 1436 Pleasant Valley Road, Manchester, CT 06042 ( According to the reviews by customers, the services have not been ideal for maximising profits and reduction of waste. The management needs to rethink and introduce new techniques of managing assets and inventories. An investigation of processes in this restaurant indicates that there is need to introduce Lean thinking in ABC Restaurant. Improvements can bring significant savings for the restaurant owners, which would, in turn, be passed on to the customers, both quantitatively and qualitatively. One customer says, “the burgers are hit and miss”…..ABC lacks consistency (
One of the problems identified was that it takes too much time to deliver food to the table. Secondly, there is no accuracy of orders. Finally, the time it takes a customer to pay the bill is too long. Problems were identified in the dining area, kitchen area, and billing area. The issues that were identified are summarised in Table 1.
ABC’s delivery process does not match with its performance objectives. Markovic, Raspor and Segaric (2010, p. 181) state that a restaurant business is a demanding business, and it, therefore, stresses on the provision of high-level customer service and continuous quality improvement. There is constant change of peoples’ lifestyles. Thus, customers desire new flavours, comfortable ambience and pleasant memories. Restaurants that provide high-quality service gain stronger competitive advantage in the current dynamic marketplace. The issues outlined in Table 1 indicate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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