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Ethical Reasoning in Business - Case Study Example

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This paper is concerned with the operations of Apple Inc. in the Chinese market. It analyzes the moral dilemma, which exists, between the shareholders of the company, and other stakeholders of the organization concerning the working conditions of the organization's factories in China…
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Ethical Reasoning in Business
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Download file to see previous pages In any given society, for purposes of avoiding chaos, there is a need for developing a system, that will help in defining what is right and what is wrong. This system must also provide guidance on how to punish anybody found engaging in an activity that is wrong. This is an aspect of ethics. On most occasions, this concept of ethics has varied, and this is because different factors play a role in its definition. Furthermore, one ethical activity may not be considered as ethics, in another community or society.
This concept of ethical philosophy normally involves the identification of the right and wrong activities and outlining them in a system, that would act as guidance to the targeted people. The principles of ethical philosophy denote that there is a need for defending the concepts of ethics that have been identified, and recommending their adoption and use, to the communities (Rosenbaum 45).
Apple Inc. operates a manufacturing branch in China and it is in this location where it is able to manufacture iPhones and iPads. Majority of these workers, normally work under hazardous and brutal conditions, and they do not have any proper facilities that can protect while engaging in the production of these gadgets (Islam, 54).
This is a clear violation of a code of conduct that requires companies to provide their employees with proper materials that can be used for purposes of protecting them from harm, in circumstances where they are engaged in the operations of the organization. Because of this unethical practice, there has been an increase in explosions, and deaths within the premises of the factory (Islam, 57). Therefore, it is possible to denote that workers are not safe when they are working for Apple Inc at their factory. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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