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The author states that leader should develop a leadership model that supports an organization’s change readiness, resistance, and success for it to be receptive to growth and become responsive with the demands of the customers and become competitive in the market. …
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Leading Change in Diverse Organizational Cultures
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Why Should A Leader Develop A Leadership Model That Supports An Organization’s Change Readiness, Resistance, And Success?
A leader should develop a leadership model that supports an organization’s change readiness, resistance, and success for it to be receptive to growth and become responsive with the demands of the customers and become competitive in the market. An organization that could adapt and constantly improves to the changing environment is likely to succeed in the market.
The demands of the customer are changing and sometimes fickle that it results to a fad that constantly change. The business organization being a product and/or service provider has to promptly respond to this change for it to be always abreast with the customer. Thus, it has to be always ready for change and must embrace it.
The organization is however not alone in the market. There are other business organizations who are also competing to provide the same product and service to the customer and it is therefore imperative that the organization must be better than competition to be able to survive and thrive in a competitive market. To remain competitive, the organization must constantly grow, overcoming any resistance for change and mediocrity in order to succeed. There is no other way to remain competitive in the market but to perpetually grow otherwise the competition will make the organization insignificant.
Thus, it is imperative that a leader should develop a leadership model that supports an organization’s change readiness, resistance, and success to ensure that the business organization is responsive to the customer’s needs. It also keeps it growing which is necessary in a very highly competitive environment ensuring that it will not only survive but also succeed. Read More
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