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The following paper "Business Organisation and Behaviour" dwells on certain organizational matters. As the author puts it, leadership styles are of huge interest owing to their role in steering an organization towards meeting its objectives and eventual success. …
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Business Organisation and Behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages That which brings the distinction between leadership and mere management is the approach that the former uses. Many firms fail to succeed in the quest to meet their long-term objectives as they lack one of the most vital elements in the running of business organizations which is effective leadership. There is further clear difference between just leadership and an effective one. The root source of a business proliferation in the market and sustained high performance is the kind of leadership it has. The ability to gain loyalty, inspire a team and make the diverse workforce operate as a single unit is what makes leadership special. For effective functionality, it is a prerequisite that a good and healthy coordination structures are put in place commanded or regulated by an excellent leader. Many leaders, however, fail to deliver effective leadership because of the wrong and inapplicable styles that probably do not match the nature of the business they are handling or are rigid as to accommodate the market situation. Choosing the best leadership style is not an option if effective leadership is anticipated. Management approaches and organizational theories that businesses subscribe to largely affect, just like in leadership, their eventual performance (Griffin and Moorhead, 2012: 100). This paper aims at evaluating these factors bit by bit as it relates them to the practical case of Vodafone so as to bring out a comprehensive outcome about their interplay in the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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