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Catalyst Housing Ltd. Organisations Behaviour - Essay Example

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Catalyst Housing Ltd
The company works with the aim of acting as a catalyst in the process of change and improvement wherever it works for the creation of better homes and better services for customers along with betterment of the future of customers too. …
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Catalyst Housing Ltd. Organisations Behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages The need for housing services, community development and affordable homes being high in the region, the company has been evolving adapting itself to the changing needs of customers in the region. On the other Volkswagen is a German automotive manufacturer, which a leading quality provider of luxury cars for the elite class in society. The increasing trend in demand for luxury cars in Germany accounts for one of the main reasons for establishment and success of the company in Germany. Additionally the availability of technological knowhow and expertise is also wide spread in the region also accounts for the radical development and success of the company in the region.
The project seeks to present a comparison and contrast between the two organizational structures and cultures of Catalyst Housing Ltd and Volkswagen. This is done in close association with the impact is causes on the business performances of firms respectively. The suitability and applicability of leadership styles in the two organizations are also discussed in the project and its impacts on the present motivation levels of employees. Finally the effectiveness of group behaviours and team work is provided in the project along with the factors promoting it inhibiting it respectively. Identification of the structure and culture of each organisation, comparison and contrast the organisational structure and culture of each organisation Catalyst Housing Ltd represents a geographic organizational structure in which the organization is divided into small business units and offices which have their own independent entities based on the place where it is located. Catalyst Housing Ltd has units based on West London, Kensington and Chelsea, Brent as well as the South East. Each of these has their own local boards responsible for handling their own local operations. This kind of structure is particularly important and applicable for a large organization like Catalyst Housing because of its presence at different places and locations and the need to carry out business activities as per the needs and requirements of the local regions. The company has a flat hierarchical structure because of the wide dispersion of its unit’s location in different regions (Catalyst Housing, 2012). Following is an organizational st ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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