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The company came up with an action plan based on the results of the needs assessment test. The aim of the action plan was to address all the company’s training needs of the workers. In addition, the company looks forward to…
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Bus 234 KJ P1-P2 other half
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Action Plan for Jerry and Ann Jerry and Ann carried out a needs assessment test. The company came up with an action planbased on the results of the needs assessment test. The aim of the action plan was to address all the company’s training needs of the workers. In addition, the company looks forward to increased output and customer satisfaction. As a result, the company allocated time and resources to the action plan. The action plan had two key points for the company to implement, and the progress evaluated.
1. Allocating more time for training
Reason: The results of the assessment test showed that 15 out of 21 workers are not satisfied with the time the company assigns for training workers.
Objective: To sharpen the skills of the workers and increase their productivity and efficiency (OECD77)
Person in charge: The training manager
Period: Two months starting from next month
Tools and Resources: The Company with the help of the training manager shall utilize the latest sewing machines on the market in training the workers. The company shall also acquire two new computers and train the workers in new ways of designing using the latest technology.
Indicators of progress: Increased productivity and efficiency from the workers and more customer demands indicating customer satisfaction
2. Increase the number of employees
Reason: The results of the assessment test showed that 13 out 21 workers argued that the current number of workers at the company is not enough
Objective: To reduce strain on the workers and therefore increasing the quality of the products
Person in Charge: The salary and hiring officer
Indicators of progress: More demands from the customers indicating quality products and general happiness among the workers.
Works Cited
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (OECD). Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting. Paris: OECD Publishing, 2013. Print. Read More
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