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Module 3 and Module 4 - Essay Example

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A business consultant creates strategies aimed at offering assistance to businesses as they seek new financial organization, marketing strategies, and new markets. Business consultant helps the companies to make changes that can help it to improve. Successful companies make…
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Module 3 and Module 4
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Download file to see previous pages Various activities in the organization such as coaching and developing a team, implementation of a new software system as well as helping with strategic planning requires changes. The ultimate goal of most business consultants is changing something for the better when conducting fact-finding and training as well as evaluating programs (Brooks & Edwards, 2014). Changes process in the organization is more emotional-laden, and, therefore, professional consultants are required to ensure it takes place efficiently.
Change process is never an easy task. Most clients are always opposed to having their worlds reordered in manner that is out of their control and influences their well-being. Although the change is often done for the better, initiating it in a business organization requires the commitment of the consultancy department. Studies have indicated that negative emotions in response to the ongoing change process in the organization are often linked to negative perceptions such as an insecure future, inadequate working condition and inadequate treatment by the organizations. The impact is likely to be employee withdrawal, as well as employee trust (Brooks & Edwards, 2014). It is the work of a consultant to ensure that employees gain confidence in the change process, as well as the executives. Change is considered a challenge to the human brain by the various psychiatrist and neuroscientists. For a change to take place, the action center of the brain has to be activated. The human brain has to process forces against change, as well as forces for change. Resistant to change is often associated with the missing emotions and rarely an absent thought process.
People tend increase the values of their choices after developing them. The reward center of the brain is often activated in favor of the decisions that have been made by individuals rather than those that have been rejected. In addition, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Module 3 and Module 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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