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The personality of a person is determines their ability to take up risks and their endurance against struggle; this is the major contributor…
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Review Questions Week 9
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REVIEW QUESTIONS WEEK 9 al Affiliation) Question In charismatic leadership, one makes a point to draw meaning in a personal sense from their personality, religious inclinations and goals. The personality of a person is determines their ability to take up risks and their endurance against struggle; this is the major contributor in this regard. Their goals determine the aim of their actions while their religious inclinations determine the values they take on in their ventures.
Question 2
Charismatic leaders of earlier existence used vision to layout the goals and destination of their courses. Nelson Mandela, for instance, used the vision of a South Africa free of Apartheid to encourage his followers. Leaders, such as Martin Luther King incorporated their command of oration and language through stylistic devices such as rhetoric and analogy to reach out to the masses.
Question 3
A charismatic leader has a vision that they work towards and are well equipped in communication techniques with which to share said vision with their followers. They have confidence, a strong conviction in their beliefs, and draw trust from their followers. They actively participate in their movements and are not afraid to take on risks. They strive towards creating formidable bonds with their followers and empower them towards bettering themselves. They use their strengths and admirable elements to sell their ideas to their audiences. Most notably, they are not ashamed or guilty of their beliefs and their ventures.
Question 4
Overtime, leaders have had characteristics that made their style of leadership charismatic. Martin Luther King can best be described as Trustworthy. Mahatma Gandhi through his wisdom brought about empowerment to his followers. Adolf Hitler, in an almost similar way, used his excellent communication skills to sell his beliefs. Nelson Mandela’s vision led to the developed establishment that South Africa is. David Koresh, in spite of his destructive doings, experienced no form of remorse or guilt whatsoever. J.F. Kennedy and Richard Branson are good illustrations of risk orientation and self promotion respectively.
Question 5
The theory of charisma can bear both negativity and positivity and hence its reference as a “double edged sword.” Leaders that bear positivity are those that empower others and are referred to as socialized charismatic leaders. Their counterparts are self centered and referred to as personalized charismatic leaders.
Question 6
The charismatic leadership theory falls short in its argument that charismatic leaders are identified from situations of crisis as opposed to the outstanding nature of their characteristics. This is because leaders such Gandhi and Mandela are classified as charismatic leaders primarily because of their strong traits. Charismatic leadership is dependent on both situational occurrences and outstanding traits.
Question 7
Charismatic and transformational leaders provide inspiration to keep hope alive in their followers and are keen on employment of leadership that is tailored to every follower’s individual needs. Their behaviors suggest that the future they intend to lay out is brighter than the one in existence. They challenge their follows to be creative and explorative in their course.
Question 8
The key attributes of transformational leaders are that they defy the status quo and pave way for change, create and work towards a shared vision, actively a provide guidance in the transition and ensure the incorporation of said change into the system.
Question 9
Servant leadership is leadership that is based on morality, overlooks self interest and is aimed towards personal and professional prosperity of others.
Lussier, R. A. (2013). Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development (5th Ed.). South Western: Cengage Learning. Read More
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