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Understand the scope of marketing communications - Assignment Example

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The process of advertising and promotion along with their regulatory bodies has also been discussed in this paper. Moreover, current trends in…
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Understand the scope of marketing communications
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Download file to see previous pages Effective communication plays a vital role in advertising and promotion because it provides ways to convey message to the target audience. Communication is a process between two or more parties, one provides information and other receives information. The aim of marketing communication is to provide relevant information to the buyers and influence their buying behaviour. In advertising and promotional campaigns marketing communication process works dynamically and by using effective advertising and promotional strategies organisations strengthen their businesses and products.
Communication is considered as lifeblood of the organisation, which means without communication no organisation can survive. The communication process that is used by business organisations to market their products and services is known as marketing communication, organisations adopt effective communication strategies to endorse a product, service or organisation whit the objective to increase sale. In advertising and promotion organisations communicate message to relevant audience through various channels such as television, internet, radio, print (publications), and word of mouth.
In today’s world marketing communication has significant impact on people’s life because it influences day to day life of people in different manner. The media of marketing communication use different ways to interact with people and influence their life through effective communication. The success of marketing communication depends on its ability to influence people buying behaviour through promotion and advertising. Organisations use marketing communication techniques to compete with competitors and reached to potential customers to sell their products and services (Madhavaram, Badrinarayanan, & McDonald, 2005).
American Marketing Association define marketing as an organisational function, consists on different activities for creating, communicating, and delivering value to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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