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Faculty of Business Environment and Society - Essay Example

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The objective of the paper is to analyse the notion of employee/staff engagement, both intrinsically as well as a tool for aiding excellent business purposes. Another objective is to create an action plan for the purpose of promoting engagement of employees within their own company and elsewhere…
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Faculty of Business Environment and Society
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Download file to see previous pages From this discussion stresses that workforce engagement is referred to the concept which has become more and more mainstreamed into the management thought. It is observed as an inner state of being i.e. both emotional and mental, and physical; which brings together previous notions of organisational commitment, work effort, and job satisfaction. The definition of workforce/employee engagement gives three scopes to the workforce engagement: intellectual engagement, social engagement, and affective engagement.
This study outlines that managers of human resource department can promote the employees’ engagement within their own company or elsewhere by involving in different practices. Competent and passionate leadership is vital to workforce engagement. Showing an authentic interest in the employees as well as investing time to understand the aspirations and needs of workforce will help them to realise that their contribution in the firm is valued. Engaged workforce should be provided with the opportunity to effectively use their talents and should also be encouraged to expand those skills and talents to show their progress in the company. Managers should involve the workforce in discussions in order to help them to realise that their suggestions are valued and taken by the top management. The companies should adopt people-focused customs/culture in their operations as employees are the biggest asset of the company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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