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Successful person interview - Essay Example

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He defines success in terms of efficiency in whatever one does that may or may not result in their being noticed but surely results in satisfaction to the person. To him, a successful person is satisfied with or without recognition. Even after recognition, they do not succumb to…
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Successful person interview
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Download file to see previous pages He goes on to add that there has been a general misconception concerning work, that placing family in a place of importance in one’s life hinders their growth in terms of career. He states that when family is in the right place in one’s life, they are happy and content thereby proving a good working environment for them and support whenever it is necessary. This view, is in live with one of Carvey’s 7 habits of highly effective people that states that they must be able to put first things first.
He further explains the concept by looking at his life, stating that even before he became a diplomat, he was already a successful man. He explains how his nomination took place, stating that he did not apply for the job, rather his qualifications and diligence put him in a position of recognition and thereby the appointment, what he called the elevation. When asked what he did to be successful, he failed to answer that question, saying that it purported the wrong idea that he was working towards success, rather, he corrected it, to why he was successful.
To this, he answered that he was successful because he had applied himself to wisdom and diligence in his work, choosing integrity over corruption and excelling in the little things he did thus achieving success way before anyone thought him to be successful. He further added that he chose to take the high road that involved tough times and hard days of work, persistence in doing what was right and above all prayer. Further asked whether he was a religious man, he said that he was not, rather he was a Christian.
Interested in what would cause a man to make such bold statements, I asked him whether he truly believed that his Christianity had anything to do with his success. To this, he answered that it did not have anything with it; rather, it had everything to do with it. He added that even if he knew that that downplayed his role in his success, it did not matter because, it was the truth.
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Successful Person Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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