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Meetings with Italian or French Swiss are more extensive, while German Swiss prefer to go straight down to business with no or little acquaintance (Gonzalez…
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Switzerland Business Etiquette
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Switzerland Business Etiquette Business is a serious matter in Switzerland, and that is why business meetings are usually carried out in a formal manner. Meetings with Italian or French Swiss are more extensive, while German Swiss prefer to go straight down to business with no or little acquaintance (Gonzalez and Salinas, 12).
Negotiation process is viewed as a process of joint problem-solving (Gonzalez and Salinas, 13). Even though the primary approach is based on cooperation, Swiss may be unwilling to agree with compromises. Swiss people also expect that negotiators will reciprocate their trust and respect to business partners (Gonzalez and Salinas, 13). It is important to remain patient, friendly, calm, and persistent while negotiating with the Swiss.
The pace of negotiations with Swiss is relatively slow. This is partially a result of their carefully planned approach and method of gathering relevant information and working out all details of a deal (Gonzalez and Salinas, 13). Partially this refers to distrust of Swiss to potential partners.
Price negotiation in Switzerland an unloved stage of negotiation process. The Swiss dislike haggling and do not like bargaining (Gonzalez and Salinas, 14). Aggressive negotiation of price is not acceptable for the Swiss. Despite the extensive bargaining efforts, the negotiator should not expect movement of price for more than 10 to 15 between the initial proposal and final agreement (Gonzalez and Salinas, 14).
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Gonzalez, Veronica, and Luis Salinas. Negotiations with Switzerland: Profile Of An Opportunity. Available at: Read More
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Switzerland Business Etiquette Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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