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Marketing Management Class Discussion wk1 - Essay Example

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The product that is mineral water has to be purified before it is distributed to the market.
The mineral water is intended to be…
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Marketing Management Class Discussion wk1
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Download file to see previous pages Branding is vital for mineral water, as one may copy products and a place on quality. The main distinct factor that may distinguish the mineral water from other brands. Specialists in marketing urge that any given product (Douglas, 2010) For instance, water can get branded viably. The wellspring of the water gives us a decent establishment to differentiation if youre going to take advantage of the brand society; you begin with the peculiarity of the source
The main proposition within branding the product is to make sure is recognized and identified easily within the market. This will ensure there is a mass loyalty in reference to quality and trust of the customers.
It is vital to portray positive reaction of the product within the target market and the buyer.The item, product and, a physical item offered to the market is bottled mineral water. In regards to physical items, it likewise alludes to any product or service that is a piece of the advertising. Item choices incorporate viewpoints, for example, appearance, bundling, administration, guarantee, and so forth (Douglas, 2010) the pricing of the product and the estimations should be affordable to the target buyers. Valuing incorporates the rundown cost, as well as rebates, financing, and different alternatives, for example, renting. The place where the mineral water will be sold includes to wholesalers and retailers in the. Spot (or position) choices are those connected with channels of distribution that serve as the methods for getting the mineral water the water to the target clients.
In conclusion, for the mineral water to be used within the entire market, the manager should deploy great marketing concepts, starting from communication, production, advertising, distribution, and brand positioning and customer retention. The manager should also apply the marketing mix to ensure the mineral water penetrates the market. Furthermore, the information about competitors and how to deal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing Management Class Discussion Wk1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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