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Direct competition comes from the stores, which also deal in fresh juice and fruit products. In such an environment, the best investments opportunities are awarded to the brand that has ingenuity and…
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Conclusion for a business proposal for Jamba Juice
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Business Plan al Affiliation Conclusion Jamba Juice’s competition in the juice and drink industry is varied. Direct competition comes from the stores, which also deal in fresh juice and fruit products. In such an environment, the best investments opportunities are awarded to the brand that has ingenuity and creativity to be able to meet the needs of the airport customers. Jamba Juice will rely on its creativity and inventiveness to effectively and fully satisfy the needs of its potential customers. The company’s management is confident that the business can achieve the aggressive sales forecast and generate its projected total income. It has carefully considered the target market, the potential customer bases and the ability to grow to capture the largest section of the San Antonio Airport customers.
Jamba Juice has the potential of becoming a highly regarded resource both in the local market at Sana Antonio Airport, regional and the international market. Due to its aggressive marketing plan and strategy, carefully developed products, unique identity in the industry, strategic partnerships and its profitable revenue models, it has the capability and potential to give the prospective investors lucrative returns within a short time. For the business to achieve the status of the industry leader and the number one store in the airport, it must secure the initial capital. This will be used for the startup cost, establishing a reputable store front within the airport, business infrastructure, extensive marketing and product development (Maynard & Warren, 2014). Provided that the company gets this funding, Jamba Juice will achieve its operational success for many years to come.
Maynard, ‎T. & Warren, D. (2014). Business planning: Financing the start-Up business and venture capital financing. Riverwoods: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. Read More
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