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Quality matters a big deal because consumers demand durable products that service them for a long period. In addition, online buying and selling demands the use of quality products so…
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139 KJ wk3
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The LaserMonks Case Study The aspect of quality products would increase my chances of buying from the LaserMonks company. Quality matters a big deal because consumers demand durable products that service them for a long period. In addition, online buying and selling demands the use of quality products so as to win the hearts of willing and able buyers. In addition, we are in the century where gone are the days when sales pitch and price were the determining factors for a consumer to decide what to buy (Belk 2010). For this reason, I would only purchase products from the company when very sure that their products are authentic and of high quality.
Brother Bernard McCoy is an innovator and a risk taker. He carried out his research and took the initiative of starting the business together with the monks. Furthermore, he possesses the attribute of creativity necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. McCoy is a risk taker because he was not afraid of venturing into the business, unsure if the market would accept their venture. It is necessary for an entrepreneur to adopt these entrepreneurial characteristics for a successful venture.
Brother Bernard McCoy and the other monks unable to handle their company implies that they lack the competence and managerial skills. Moreover, it implies that they lack adequate knowledge to aid them in decision making in the growth of the company. Management is very demanding and calls for an individual to be very skillful so as to make the right choices.
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139 KJ Wk3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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