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There are certain characteristics of successful teams including having open communication among the members of the team and respect for each other in the team providing for a comfortable and safe place for members to provide different alternatives and ideas (Bolman & Deal,…
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Ways of Looking at Culture Within Organizations
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Team Work Team Work There are certain characteristics of successful teams including having open communication among the members of the team and respect for each other in the team providing for a comfortable and safe place for members to provide different alternatives and ideas (Bolman & Deal, 2013). Respect allows for diversity in teams and should be upheld by all the members regardless of in agreement with communication abilities, ideas, cultural traditions, background, and religion. The other characteristics of successful teamwork is having a common goal, collaboration by all the members to allow for effective use of different skills and talents to the team, and problem solving where mechanisms for problem solving and conflict management are put in place.
An example in a small organization is where a team of the management and employees of a small organization form a team. The team, in this case, should have a common goal of expanding the business, augment revenue, and provision of quality goods and services. Having a common goal allows for the development of synergy among the team members and provides a sense of purpose in achieving the clear and specified goal of the small organization. The effect will be an emphasis on ensuring all the strategies in the small business are synchronized for the achievement of the goal and each of the team members know their responsibility to the team and feel honoured to be in a team that has a specific goal allowing for augmented success of the small business.
The structural elements of successful teams include having a shared vision, clear and continuous communication allowing for resolving issues amicably, and visibility and accountability of each of the team members. The other structural elements for successful teams are having clear expectations defined as all members, respect, planning, and trust among the members of the team allowing for cohesiveness and success of the teams (Sloane, 2007). Schneider believes that cooperation, contribution, and commitment are the other structural elements for successful teams (Schneider, 2003).
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