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Build and Sustain an Innovative Work Environment - Assignment Example

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Pilot implementation involves running the innovation system and the current system being used in the business/organizations or institutions are running concurrently. During this implementation of this innovative system will involves various activities that take place from…
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Build and Sustain an Innovative Work Environment
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Download file to see previous pages According to the requirements of the user of the system in the microfinance business, especially in the accounting department where the data of the staffs or workers need to be maintained therefore brought ideas in their mind to develop the system that will keep the data in the database system of the workers (Kroenke & Aeur, 2014). The innovation goals toward coming up with the database management system came due to the how the work was tiresome in getting the details for the workers or staffs therefore resulted to the system designer and analyst contribute their creativity in coming up with the system that will manage staffs database efficiently and that will save time when accessing their data. The stakeholders of the microfinance business involved the database managers, network managers, accountants, and others staff holders. After making that innovation goal proposal, it’s shared among the business stakeholders for them to raise their views over the proposed innovation system suggested
During the management of the innovation process, it involved various phases of system development, i.e. gathering the specific user requirements, performing through analysis and designing the logical design and physical design depending on the user requirements indicated from the structured requirements document (Jefferson, 1999). The database designer, system analyst and system designer cooperates in ensuring the innovation process goes well and as expected and making sure that it is being developed according to the needs of the user. Therefore, according to the accounting department in the microfinance business, there has been need for ensuring database for the staffs is stored electronically rather than manually, this organizations goal motivated them to become creative in coming up with the need to develop a database management system (Wang & Global, 2012).
During the implementation plan, it involves designing the solution scenarios ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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