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Build and sustain an innovative work environment 2 - Assignment Example

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The company accomplishes the task of waste combustion through the exposure of the water junk to 1700F (Louche, Idowu, and Leal, 2010, p. 47). The company manages…
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Build and sustain an innovative work environment 2
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Download file to see previous pages The company has put measures in place to ensure that the emissions from the plant are minimized to prevent environmental degradation.
The company’s business booms because waste is produced on a daily basis from households. The company applies both traditional and modern methods in its business approach. The strategy enables the company to manage the innovation process properly. The traditional business approach enables the company to streamline its activities in order to achieve its objectives. The other strategy entails the building of support for the business. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (2009, p. 59) claims that the process of building support for the incineration involves strategic alignment. The strategy promotes objectivity within the business framework in order to explore more innovative means of doing business. The company also engages in the scrutiny of the emerging trends in the incineration business in order to identify novel means of doing business. The strategy gives the firm industrial foresight. Consequently, the company can explore new ways of doing business.
The company focuses on the specific needs of the communities. In this regard, the welfare of the public is guaranteed. The responsible disposal of the garbage benefits the public given that the disposal preserves the ozone layer, which is a source of livelihood for millions of people. Corporate responsibility enhances the objectives of the company. The company utilizes its assets constructively and makes use of modern technology in its operations (Hester and Harrison, 2014, p. 83). Additionally, the company is proactive and ready to face any form of eventuality. The company has a culture of motivating and inspiring its employees, which enhances the innovativeness of the firm. The strategy fosters discipline in the firm. Discipline enhances the creativity of the firm workers.
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