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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I: Conceptualizing a New Product or Service Division of an Existing Business - Essay Example

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Kimberly-Clark is a multinational company that is passionate about providing people with the essentials for a better life by making life more comfortable to daily routine through their products. The company therefore values its customers and it’s the reason the company places…
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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I: Conceptualizing a New Product or Service Division of an Existing Business
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Download file to see previous pages They are the personal care where the company produces products like diapers for example Huggies, Pull-Ups and feminine care products like Kotex. Moreover, the company manufactures consumer tissues, paper towels among many other household items. Finally, the K-C professional deals in items like the WypAll commercial wipe (Annacchino, 2007).
The company produces most of its products through sustainable wood fiber as the company is environment friendly. This therefore helps in recycling of the packaging as well as discovers ways to carry on the resources people enjoy every day from generation to generation. Consequently, it is the duty of all leaders and employees of Kimberly-Clark to treat the planets resource with care and consideration and to build sustainability in every facet of the business.
The importance of innovation at Kimbelry-Clark is that it is the key to survival and success for the company. This is because today, due to globalization, competition has become stiff and this calls for companies to come up and develop products that meet the ever changing needs of the consumers as well as ensure that the company achieves its desired goals and objectives. In addition, consumer needs change more often and the spending habits of consumers drive the need for the company to innovate (Annacchino, 2003). Consumers are always reassessing value therefore the company is obliged to innovate to bring true value to the market.
Moreover the company is continuously innovating essentials for a better life for people across the world. Innovations will continue to take place at Kimberly-Clark as they are striving to become more responsive to the consumer and the end users needs. The company is open to new and innovative ways to increase the market value and continuous improvement with new product solutions (Trott, 2008). This entails acquiring new technologies as well as leverage on strategic partnerships and alliances to help create a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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