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Since Sears is already a huge company, the organizational level is already complicated from the staff level to the executives. The best way…
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Sears Retail Store is one of the most trusted brands in retail in America which has a lot of employees from its hometown and outlet stores. Since Sears is already a huge company, the organizational level is already complicated from the staff level to the executives. The best way to uncover organizational needs and identify the suitable training is conducting a work or task analysis.
Work or task analysis is defined by Werner and DeSimone (2009) as “a systematic collection of data about a specific job or group of jobs used to determine what employers should be taught to achieve optimal performance.” The job or task will be analyzed which includes the requirements for performing the task by specifying the main duties or level of the skills needed. When conducting the task analysis, the following should be evaluated: performance of task, frequency of task performed, importance of each task, knowledge needed to perform the task, difficulty of the task and trainings available for each task.
It is very important to organize the task in sequence or by importance. The employee should be observed while performing the task and the observation should be documented properly. The performance of the employee should be evaluated based on the job description such as taking note if the employee missed important part of the task or deviated from what are listed on the job description. It is important to check if there are differences between the top and bottom performers. This would lead to the question of what are the suitable trainings needed to improve productivity and overall performance of the organization.
Werner, J., & DeSimone, R. (2009). Human resource development (5e [ed.]. ed., p. 117). Mason OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Read More
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