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Meeting for business ideas - Coursework Example

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This is because people risks without their knowledge. Most of the people are aware of the vulnerable online threats, but they fail to protect their identities while sharing personal information online. This report discusses…
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Meeting for business ideas
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Download file to see previous pages Smartphones and tablets are the devices that make the most sales, according to various business reports. This initiated the idea to create a mobile application known as SecureIT, to protect and promote IT security awareness online users in the course of their transactions. Different organizations are aware of the online security threats. They are embracing the relevant technology to mitigate the risks. Online hackers have the ability to capture the information that is in transit from servers to users. They have the ability to disrupt or manipulate the information, creating a negative impact to a given organization. In addition, the attackers have the ability to steal the data and deface web pages (Curtin, 2002). Through the SecureIt application, users could require the creation of an account that could enable them to access a feature that has the ability to encrypt data. The application has the capability to trace the geographical location of the attackers through their Internet Protocol address, in addition to their address books. Once the application collects the information, it informs the servers and the clients on the potential risks that exist.
The other online security challenge relates to the faults and miscommunication between the servers and the clients. The server could fail in the screening of the clients’ data and the attackers could take advantage through their software that runs within the server. Using SecureIT, there could be the limitation or removal of the vulnerable software that exists between the connectivity of the server and the client. There is also a challenge of the determination of the receipt of genuine data from the clients. This is because the attackers could act as genuine clients and send vulnerable data to the server that in return accepts the data (Williams, 2007). The attackers could use the untrusted data to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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