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Psychology at Work - Essay Example

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In practice it has been proved that keeping employees motivated and engaged can be a quite difficult target, especially in businesses with an extended…
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Psychology at Work
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Download file to see previous pages The value of well-being programmes as an organisational investment is explored in this study. Reference is made, as an example, to the case of BGL Group. The specific firm is well established in the UK market, being involved in the provision of insurance and legal services. The firm has emphasized on the well-being of its employees so that their motivation and commitment to the organisation are secured. The review of the elements and the effects of this programme can hep to understand whether such programmes could be a good investment for organisations in the modern market.
The well-being programme of BGL Group will be checked and evaluated using the concepts of work psychology as included in relevant literature, with particular reference to the work of Anna Sutton. As a theoretical framework work psychology is rather wide, being able to incorporate different themes, such as ‘psychopathology and organisational development’ (Sutton, 2014: 6-7). Various approaches have been used for describing work psychology. According to one of these views, the work psychology ‘facilitates change towards improved work and working conditions’ (Milward, 2005: 1). From another point of view, work psychology aims to provide to managers necessary information in regard to ‘the application of psychological principles to running a business’ (Hodson, 2014: 6). In any case, work psychology has to support organisational development. This fact indicates the close relationship between work psychology and organisational change (Sutton, 2014). It should be noted that work psychology can be related to different priorities, depending on the geographical area involved: in USA the limitation of costs is of primary importance while for firms based in UK work psychology would be most related to the increase of firms’ profitability (Sutton, 2014: 10). The second approach will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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