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I would proceed by setting up interim plan and baselines for the project to ensure that there is a set of facts on the main categories of a project to compare the success. The baseline will contain reference points divided into five categories that are project start date, finish…
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Unit 7
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Project Management Project Management Project reporting plan I would proceed by setting up interim plan and baselines for the project to ensure that there is a set of facts on the main categories of a project to compare the success. The baseline will contain reference points divided into five categories that are project start date, finish dates, work, costs, and duration of each project with my best estimates of each using the set plans. With the progress of the project, I will set up interim plans to fill the information on the start date, finish date, costs, work, and duration. From the interim plan comparison with the baseline, I will be able to know the progress of the project and provide the manager with detailed, accurate data on the progress of the project. My plan will be to provide the manager with project progress report every Monday after the start of the project detailing the costs used for the week, the work done during the week, and the estimates of project progress for the coming week. The main tools that I will use in the course of reporting to the manager are interim and baseline plans basing on the data from the budget, cost, time, and duration estimates from the project plan.
During the start of the financial year a new data management systems was being installed in the company and a colleague and I were tasked with the reporting of the progress of the project by the Management systems team to which I am the manager. Using baseline and interim plans, we were able to give weekly reports to the CEO over the six weeks duration of the project that was very successful. Every Monday morning, we ensured that we delivered a report to the CEO detailing finish date, work completed during the previous week and present plans for undertaking in the coming week. The project was lauded by the CEO during the managers meeting after the system proved effective in managing the high data flow in the company.
The need for problem solving skills
Problem solving skills are important for all team members because problem solving skills by all team members increases team productivity at the workplace, aids in avoiding recurrence of problems, and results in professional effectiveness (Butterfield, 2009). When each member has problem solving skills seeking alternative solution is easy, increases the ability to cooperate as a team for the achievement of set goals, aids in understanding the severity of a given problem, and evaluate strategies of using available resources as a team to resolve the problem. When problem solving skills is available on all members and not some it creates a conducive environment for reaching at a consensus and making the team have a single goal focused on by all members allowing for effective and successful teams (Butterfield, 2009).
Analysis skills include collaboration, communication, problem solving, and creativity, and when they lack in an employee it results in poor performance and there is a need to augment these skills for efficiency in task performance. An employee who lacks analytical skills can be helped through helping him/her develop analytical skills through different ways as discussed below. There are different ways through which analytical skills can be developed in an employee including job training, job rotation, one-on-one coaching of the affected employees with an experienced manager versed with analytical skills, and professional development. The other measures that will enable the employees to improve their analytical skills include encouraging employees to read books to improve their ability to have different perspective, putting the employee in a team with employees who have analytical skills and they will learn from them, and encouraging employees to try harder until they have better analytical skills at the workplace.
Butterfield, J. (2009). Illustrated Course Guides: Problem-Solving and Decision Making - Soft Skills for a Digital Workplace. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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Unit 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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