The Use Of Social Networking Sites For Recruitment And Selection: The Case Of Facebook And Victorstone Financial Company - Dissertation Example

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Increase in the usage of the internet has transformed the manner by which the people communicate and interact with each other, notwithstanding the differences as to their locations…
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The Use Of Social Networking Sites For Recruitment And Selection: The Case Of Facebook And Victorstone Financial Company
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"The Use Of Social Networking Sites For Recruitment And Selection: The Case Of Facebook And Victorstone Financial Company"

Download file to see previous pages The popularity of social networking sites is relatively higher amongst the young people. Because of this, many companies have decided to tap these social networking sites in order to recruit and select possible applicants or employees. Generally, the use of social networking sites is considered of paramount importance given the fact that the company can access young people who are computer literate. In the same manner, social networking sites attract them more than the advertisements displayed on the company’s website. However, various issues have been related to the use of social networking sites in the company’s recruitment and selection. Some were concerned as to the appropriateness of the use given the fact that social networking sites are not used for such purpose but rather, for meeting new friends. It is in this regard that this research aims to solicit the perceptions of young people regarding the tendency of companies to use Facebook for recruitment and selection and how this affects their use thereof....
These social networking sites then require its members to build a profile where the latter share pertinent information about them. Social networking sites are more popular to the young people than to the adults (Sharp 2009). The former make use of these sites in order to communicate their personality ideas. In fact, a number of studies have pointed out that the personalization of social networking sites can be likened to the manner by which the young people choose their clothes. Simply put, how the young people express themselves or how they want others to view them is evident in their Facebook or MySpace profiles. Nevertheless, there are other uses for social networking sites. Various researches have pointed out that market researchers have already tapped social networking sites in order to determine the purchase behaviour of the users thereof. Surprisingly, however, there are also companies now who conduct their recruitment and selection processes over the internet, through these social networking sites. Notwithstanding this, studies show that Facebook and other social networking sites continue to be used for factors such as: chatting with friends, posting and viewing pictures, staying in touch with friends, etc (Wellman and Haythornwaite 2002; Witte and Mannon 2010). This research focuses on the use of Facebook and Social networking sites as the recruitment and selection platforms of several companies. Later, in the literature review, it shall be revealed that a number of ethical issues are associated with this. For instance, profiles are constructed to meet new friends and to stay in touch with old ones are not suitable for the job-seeking applicant. Hence, his or her expression of him or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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