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Are social networking sites useful for recruitment(Facebook,twitter,linkedin) - Literature review Example

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It is a form of business competition that companies engage in as they seek to out edge each other in the current competitive…
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Are social networking sites useful for recruitment(Facebook,twitter,linkedin)
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Extract of sample "Are social networking sites useful for recruitment(Facebook,twitter,linkedin)"

Download file to see previous pages s an act that involves finding the right people and is closely related to selection since both processes are aimed at getting employees with the right attitudes and competencies.
In order to initiate recruitment process, a job must be advertised so that potential candidates can be attracted to that position (Breaugh & Starke, 2000). There are several recruitment methods that organizations use to choose their employees and they range from local newspaper adverts, billboards, recruitment agencies among others that have existed since time immemorial. The latest form of recruitment is online recruitment that entails the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and linkedln among other methods (Brown & Vaughan, 2011; Galanaki, 2002; Marler, 2009).
Organizations have considerable freedom in selecting the people they choose based on their preferences, however, legislation tend to play a significant role in overseeing the recruitment process. Among the things that touches on the legality of recruitment process mainly touches on age, sex, race, and disability among others (Fu, 2007). Governments are introducing increased legislation concerning recruitment process mainly to protect the rights of its citizens against exploitation of the business community.
Houghton and Joinson (2010) argues that ethical issues that surround the recruitment process are important factors that must be considered by any organization, lest they interfere with their integrity. However, in recent times, ethical dimensions of human resource have been downplayed in literature leading to, moving to emphasis on strategic it and best practice. To ensure good ethical standards, the tone set by recruitment team is very important since it represents the attitude of their organization together with its members (Decker, 2006).
The growth rate of social networking sites is very high since twitter posted a growth rate exceeding 1300% within very few years of operations (Caers & Castelyns, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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