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How does the UK degree compared to the French degree - Essay Example

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In the European region, attainment of university degrees does not mean direct employment for graduates. Graduates in the European region may consider paying…
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How does the UK degree compared to the French degree
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, investing in degrees in some countries is a risky investment. In countries such as Italy and France, degree certificates are often tarnished. With such eventualities, students in such countries would rather not invest in education. In France, the entry level for students in first year degree programs is 48%. Of this number, 38% proceed to complete the programs (Arias Ortiz & Dehon, 2013). Therefore, in order for students to remain relevant in the European and the global market various strategies are employed. Students improve the strength of their degree credential by joining masters as well as postgraduate programs.
In relation to statistics on the United Kingdom, degree programs are considerable popular investments. Despite an increase for fees, students still fill spaces in UK universities. However, research has found a drop in the number of students from affluent background. Despite this, the number of students for degrees in the United Kingdom is considerable higher than in other countries across Europe. This paper provides a comparison between French and United Kingdom degree qualifications. It provides detailed information on qualification requirements, entry and as well as other standards.
Self-study is an important aspect in the progression of students in degree programs. Self-studies assist individuals develop their discipline levels, imagination, and observation and exploration skills. Se lf study programs have been on the offing in educational programs. Individuals are now able to learn from online platforms. This comes through long-distance education or online classrooms. Both France and UK now offer degree programs for self study. In order to gain entry into a French university, students need to have passed their entry-level exams in their countries of origin. For the nationals of the country, individuals need to have held a baccalauréat qualification. In spite of prospective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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