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The garment industry supplying the developed world is supported by a supply chain that makes use of the cheap resources available in the developing countries. The supply chain includes everything from sourcing raw material (e.g the cotton pickers) to the final manufacturing of…
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Assignment for eye
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Download file to see previous pages ces of the industry which include proved instances of labor exploitation, sweat shop conditions, use of child labor and negligence of environment-friendly and sustainable business practices.
Bangladesh, Egypt, Thailand and Pakistan (SOMO, p1). These children are not only forced under harsh conditions they are also denied the right to a happy and carefree childhood and access to quality education. It is a vicious cycle where the children grow up to be unskilled workers unable to move out of poverty and unable to share in the benefits of a growing economy, in part supported by the same industries that hire them. On paper, child labor is against the law in most countries and there is severe international pressure in form of trade bans for the countries to end this practice. For legal as well as ethical reasons, NGO’s and government bodies in all of these countries have shown high concern for protecting these children and providing them access to their rights. However, child labor is a valuable resource for both the manufacturers and the big brands that buy from them and as long as the demand from these big brands exists the unethical practice continues hidden but unhindered (SOMO, p3).
The debate on the rights of child labors must include the economic reality of these developing countries. For many families below the poverty line, the income provided by their children is necessary for survival. Even if the public system can provide free education to them, the parents cannot afford to lose the extra income by taking away their children from work (Melnick). This is a significant problem due to which governments often find children unwilling to pursue further education after they reach the legal age to work, e.g despite the support provided by Bangladesh’s government, many displaced labor children chose to return back to work as soon as they hit the legal working age of 14 (BGMEA, p6). Implementation of blanket laws against using child labor without the supporting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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