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Humphery integrated different types of leadership with the help of different theories, applications, and cases in his book. Different types of leadership styles include: leader member exchange, authentic leadership, servant leadership, distributed and share…
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Leadership dyad outline
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Effectiveness of Leadership Styles Effectiveness of Leadership Styles Ronald H. Humphery integrated different typesof leadership with the help of different theories, applications, and cases in his book. Different types of leadership styles include: leader member exchange, authentic leadership, servant leadership, distributed and share leadership, self-leadership, identity theory of leadership, and the importance of emotions to affect the leadership behavior.
The effectiveness of the leadership depends upon five different combinations to describe the roles and duties of their lives.
Arrangement for Improving skills of management through technical and skilled courses
Authority compliance management by controlling the current circumstances
Establishing the country clubs for the management
The role of an effective leader is like a “Middle of the Road Management”
An effective leader is an expert for managing the teamwork efficiently.
Comparison and Contrast of effective leaderships styles
An effective leader makes excellent decisions to influence the output of the organization. Effective leadership requires openness towards originality, creativity, and the willing behavior for new experiences. Bringing changes in the organizations is a basic need to expand the business activities by adopting new ways and strategies. An effective leader is also an innovative leader.
Leadership styles have different aspects in the criteria of job satisfaction on the performance-based strategies.
Some researchers suggest that the Consideration structure of the leadership styles should be strong by comparing to the initiative structures. The consideration is strongly correlated to the job satisfaction criteria.
In contrast, some researchers favor both dimensions of the initiating and consideration structures of effective leadership styles.
Offering Suggestions by Concepts and Research findings
Walter and Humphrey conducted a research on emotional intelligence and leadership styles to know the effective and performance based leaders’ emergence within the organizations. The result of the research shows that the emergence leadership style 100% effects on the emotional intelligence of the leaders. The effective behavior of the leaders influences 81% on the emotional intelligence. The effectiveness of the leadership influence 87.5% to the emotional intelligence. The research findings present a true picture of the emotional intelligent and its impacts on other variables. It is also included that the role of emotional competencies is important for leadership emergences to perform efficiently through effective strategies implementations.
Transformation from Ineffective to Effective leaders
All the leaders are hardworking to perform efficiently. The leaders who have a few skills or not well educated, are called ineffective leaders. The qualities of decision-making choices differentiate the types of ineffective to effective leaders. The effective leaders are sensors, intuitivists, thinkers, feelers, extraverts, introverts, judgers, and the perceivers.
Conscientious behavior of the leaders shows the positive correlations to reach out the promotional peaks.
The ineffective leaders can become effective leaders by adopting the styles of effective leaders, e.g.
Having the winning teams of higher percentages
By having the higher fan attendances
Having the lower turnover of the managers
Using the directive leadership styles
Looking a high oriented personality to achieve future goals and objectives.
Having the flexible behavior towards generating the new ideas and openness behavior for new opportunities and plans.
Efficient communication system orientation with the colleagues and staff members.
Be ready to learn new skills and techniques to advance the business outcomes.
(Humphrey, 2013)
Humphrey, R. H. (2013). Effective Leadership: Theory, Cases and Applications. Read More
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