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Effects of Globalization and Inequalities That Have Resulted from it in Various Countries - Coursework Example

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This paper examines the effects of globalization and perceived inequalities that have results from it in various countries. Current advancements in information and technology have been the chief causes of globalisation in many economic and social human systems in the world…
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Effects of Globalization and Inequalities That Have Resulted from it in Various Countries
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Extract of sample "Effects of Globalization and Inequalities That Have Resulted from it in Various Countries"

Download file to see previous pages Globalisation is a term used to describe various macro-economic regulations and policies that influence various cross-border transactions and other systems that lead to increased interdependence in the citizens of many countries globally (McGregor 2008, 13). It is believed that globalisation activities in the world started in the 1990s. However, it is important to understand that trends in globalisation had begun a few years before the 1990s (Ghauri & Powell, 2008, 54).
Globalisation is said to have led to increased quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in the quality of goods and services that were being produced by countries. Many companies began to improve in the supply management and distribution of goods and services, something that led to their growth and development, with expansions to other regions and countries. Globalization played a big role in economic integration, something that led to economic growth and development in these countries. Currently, many countries are involved in various integration something that some people say has led to increased economic inequalities in different economies. The process of economic integration describes the rising economic integration as well as the interdependence witnesses in the national, regional and local economies in many parts of the world. This process is often experienced in the intensification of the cross-border movements and transfers of products and services, capital and other important technologies used in economic activities. In as much as globalisation is described as a set of various processes that happen in the economic networks, cultural interchange as well as the in political circles, the rapidly growing economic globalisation often motivated by the increasing efficiencies information transfers. Additionally, advancements in science and technology also have a great share of these developments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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