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Paper 2: Proposal for Your final Researched Proposal in IT Business Problem - Assignment Example

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I believe that it is important to highlight such issues so that more research can be done and more knowledge should be spread about such issues. Today is…
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Paper 2: Proposal for Your final Researched Proposal in IT Business Problem
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Extract of sample "Paper 2: Proposal for Your final Researched Proposal in IT Business Problem"

Download file to see previous pages The world is quickly moving towards a paper free environment and easy management of data within the organization but as the cyber space is now well-connected, competition is high and cyber security issues are increasingly affecting organizational functions and privacy (Brown).
Most of the organizations are facing security challenges while implementing IT based systems within organization and connecting with other stakeholders. Companies are not only facing hacking, data leakage and/or malware threats but also a greater threat is breach of trust from employees or stakeholder to get the data fetched without any detectable gap and leak company assets. Thus, the problem identified is to make sure that the data is only in the hands of right people and they are using the data in the right way.
The main purpose of the research is to find possible threats and challenges faced by the organization via external sources as well as security and privacy threats within the organization (Ali, Padmanabhan and Dixon). Keeping the data only with the right person is important as at times, there can be confidential data that should not be shared with others.
The specific decision maker in this case will be the IT manager. The role of IT department is very critical in different ways. IT provides the organization support so that the organization is able to manage its operations smoothly and ensure that the objectives and organizational goals are achieved. It is the concern of top management of the company with the collaboration of IT department to decide and take measures against the issue. Though as all the departments are interconnected through IT so support and assistance of all departments are needed. Hence, the IT manager will have to come up with effective and efficient strategies for the possible security threat.
It is important to make sure that the final result is achieved; whether the job is outsourced or completed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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