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Therefore, a communication manager would want to communicate company’s vision and mission.
Through communication, a…
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Template communication plan strategy for Nissan Motor
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Download file to see previous pages To achieve the company’s goal, Nissan Company need educate its customers so that they can alter their attitude and behavior to the benefits of the company needs of selling more automotive while still engages with its stakeholders.
Tertiary audiences affect and influence the communication of the company to the customers and its shareholders. The Nissan competitors would want to know how the company is strategizing for the market so they can also make changes to their company’s strategies. Therefore, any decision that Nissan have to communicate to its customers and shareholders has to consideration of the effects it has on its competitors such as Toyota (Audience Strategy for All Professional Business Communication ).
Nissan has one of the most valuable customers among the automotive manufacturing companies. They devout their life using Nissan made vehicles and other automobile products because they get the best products and services from the company. Nissan surprised one of their loyal customer, a Canadian woman, Ms. Karen Ackroyd with a new 2015 Nissan Micra (Nissan Motor Corporation, 2014a). This was as a result of her good perception toward attitude toward the company’s products. Therefore as demonstrated by Ackroyd, Nissan customers are engaged and respond to company’s communications.
One of the main barriers to customer communication is the lack of sensitivity. The customer may be affected by another issue that may make him or her nonresponsive (Barriers to Effective Communication). Moreover, physical destructions such as a network problem, noise and bad formatting for email break down communication.
Shareholders are the sensitive people to communicate to because they are keen on making return on their investment. Therefore, they take into account whatever is communicated with uttermost precaution.
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