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Change management of Toyota and Nissan - Essay Example

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The assignment mainly provides a concise understanding of the prime reasons for change, change management process adopted and the problems faced by the members of the organisations after adoption of the change. The organisations selected for the assignment are Toyota and Nissan…
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Change management of Toyota and Nissan
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Extract of sample "Change management of Toyota and Nissan"

Download file to see previous pages The paper throws light on change management as a controlled approach employed to deal with changes both from the discernment of a human being or an organisation. It is a realistic method which involves altering individuals, teams, and organisations from an existing state to the preferred or future state. It is a managerial practice which intends to help employees in acknowledging the changes in their current industry environment. A change process or change management process is a set of actions that helps a group of members to control the specific change efficiently. The change process facilitates to trace the change requests, to evaluate and to endorse the requests, before execution. This mechanism eases the process of alteration. However, change is present in both personal and professional lives. Therefore, change management is the process which is utilised by organisations so as to accomplish their prospective goals. Change management process utilises varied tactics and procedures in order to achieve final objectives. Moreover, the process of change can be implemented effectively only if members coordinate and accept the change in a positive manner. It is the liability of the employees to manage change in such a way so that it enhances the effectiveness as well as provides inspiration and augments morale of employees of an organisation. Along with the employees, the superiors of an organisation are also responsible for proper adoption and implementation of changes. This can be done only with the help of proper communication and harmonisation among the employees of organisation. Proper management of a change can augment dedication and motivation of the employees towards work thereby improving productivity, firmness and profitability of organisation (Nakae, 2005). Hence, it can be avowed that change management is one of the significant systems utilised by organisations so as to retain and cope up with the cultural challenges of the current scenario. Change management is a practice utilised for sustaining in the global environmental conditions among other competitors in the long run (Fahy & Cunningham, 2007). The assignment mainly provides a concise understanding of the prime reasons for change, change management process adopted and the problems faced by the members of the organisations after adoption of the change. The organisations selected for the assignment are Toyota and Nissan. Discussion Change management is the process of scheduling, executing and evaluating of changes so as to cope up with the exigent environment. In order to sustain in this competitive environment, change is essential, so the practice of change management is also mandatory. The procedures of change management are mainly utilised so as to improve the level of potentials of employees and productivity along with development of new tactics, techniques and management systems. Change management process occurs due to diverse reasons in assorted organisations but in this assignment, internal issues related to human resource are predominantly highlighted. Reasons for Change Nissan Motor Company Ltd is one of the leading car producer organizations of Japan. It is a reputed trade name in the sector of automobile, and markets its cars with the brand name Datsun. It came into existence in the year 1934. Since then, Nissan Motor Company Ltd is adopting and accepting variety of changes in order to retain a reputed brand image in the competitive market of Japan. Moreover, in order to retain its uniqueness in the market among other competitors, change management is essential. However, in order to retain its market share and sustainability, Nissan Motors tied up with two other reputed automotive giants named Daimler and Renault (Renault, 2010). The prime objective behind this international collaboration is mutual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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