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Applying objectives - Assignment Example

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The wrings give further discos on why there differences in the objectives of small visa viz the big business franchises. The excerpt also…
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Applying objectives
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Extract of sample "Applying objectives"

Applying Objectives Applying Objectives This piece of writing is an elaborate elucidation of the objectives of both small and mega business enterprises in starting up e- commerce. The wrings give further discos on why there differences in the objectives of small visa viz the big business franchises. The excerpt also highlights different types of outsourcing with their merits and demerits.
In e-commerce start up businesses employ different objectives dependant on their sizes. This is due to the fact that, small business need a space in the competitive market whilst, big business enterprises need expansion and retention of their customers. For example, small business will focus primarily in, marketing, customer care, employee retention, growth and core values. With marketing, the business firm will understand the consumer buying trends hence they become able to anticipate the distribution needs of products and develop relevant business partnerships. Secondly, noble customer service enables the firm to retain her clientele and generate more of repeat revenue. Next, employee retention would be of essence since employee turn over costs lots of money. The money incurred in recruitment and productivity. Moreover, growth will equally be a prime objective in small businesses since and core values will also help state the beliefs of the company in terms of employee satisfaction, costumer interaction, responsibility the society excreta. On the other hand, mega business enterprises would prioritize different objectives such as; profitability, productivity, maintains financing, competitive analysis and change management. Profitability will ensure that the profits or revenue is above the costs incurred. Productivity
Coca-Cola company business being a mega business enterprise will prioritize customer retention, competitive analysis and productivity as its major objectives. The efficiency of the machines of production, the level of customer retention through situational analysis can be evaluated in measuring these goals. Some of the types of outsourcing are BPO and KPO. In business process outsourcing deals with outsourcing of a particular product such as a payroll while knowledge based processing entails carrying out standard processes to the clientele. The latter is more effective because it addresses the extramural needs of the consumer.
BPO is advantageous because it gives opportunity o employment. It equally has disadvantageous because it impedes creativity. On the other hand, KPO is advantageous because it gives room for innovation and learning through study and research, it is disadvantageous as it lays so much demand on the workers. Lastly, the media uses Knowledge Based Outsourcing for e-commerce functions. This is due to the fact that, it employs on line services to find the needs of her clients before they tailor their programs to their needs. Read More
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Applying Objectives Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Applying Objectives Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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