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UK,Japan and Italy: six key areas of cultural differences which may inhibit the successful management and consequently outcome of the joint project - Speech or Presentation Example

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Of these, lack of knowledge about the other country and their business etiquettes remain an important factor. This paper aims at analyzing the differences between Japan, Italy and UK on 6 factors of distinction…
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UK,Japan and Italy: six key areas of cultural differences which may inhibit the successful management and consequently outcome of the joint project
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Extract of sample "UK,Japan and Italy: six key areas of cultural differences which may inhibit the successful management and consequently outcome of the joint project"

Download file to see previous pages In UK, however, business meetings and deals are considered more formal. They tend to keep things explicit and prefer everything in writing, either in emails or on paper. They do not have any personal fascination with their language but would prefer getting the deal done which most favors their business goal.
In order to overcome the language barriers, businessmen must involve the local employees in the management team. For instance, in Japan, such an act would create more respect for the company as it is giving the workers an opportunity to flourish and take a respectful part in the management of the business.
When dealing a Japanese client, entrepreneur or business partner putting hands in pockets should be avoided as it is observed as disinterest of the person on the issue in hand. Moreover, in Japan, bowing at the start of the meeting shows Japanese how respectful the business partner is to their culture (Rodgers).
In order to avoid verbal and non-verbal mishaps, the businessmen should learn the gestures, postures and expressions of the host country. The positives may include learning the etiquettes and highly regarded gestures like bowing, shaking hands, putting a smile on and so on. The knowledge of negative communications may help in avoiding any unforeseen disputes or disagreements that may arise due to wrong use of body language in any culture.
Hasegawa and Hirose (2011) suggest that Japanese are more likely to identify themselves with their group rather than an individual. They further elaborate that Japanese are more like to introduce themselves with the organization or group they have affiliation with. For instance, an employee of Bank of Yokohama is more like to say “I belong to Bank of Yokohama” in his introduction.
UK is an individualistic culture and people tend to identify themselves separately from the group. They tend to associate the successes with their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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