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Choosing the Appropriate Sampling Method - Assignment Example

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As the paper outlines, sampling is a critical aspect of any research because it enables the researcher to identify a representative of the target population. The target population usually consists of many entities/ items a factor that may make it difficult for the researcher to tackle each of them in research…
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Choosing the Appropriate Sampling Method
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Download file to see previous pages The paper discusses some of the reasons that compel researchers to sample. In the case presented, it would prove impractical and impossible to carry a study that involves over 2000 fast food restaurants. Hence, there is a salient need for sampling. Researchers have identified two categories of sampling technique names, probability sampling, and non-probability sampling. For the research on fast food restaurants mentioned, it becomes critical to identify the most appropriate method of sampling that will yield a reliable sample for the research. In a bid to identify the appropriate one, an overview of both sampling methods will be presented. Their implications will also be highlighted and eventually, the most appropriate method will be identified (Acharya et al 2013, p. 332).
Probability sampling is one of the common techniques used by many researchers when they require yielding a sample that can be used in their research. The basis of probability sampling is randomization. At such randomization, the researcher ensures that each item or entity in the target population has an equal chance of being part of the sample (Uprichard 2013, p. 9). Experts have highlighted that probability sampling eliminates the need for systematic and sampling biases. The main objective in probability sampling is ensuring that the sample serves as an effective representative of the targeted population (Acharya et al 2013, p. 332). Notably, such a representative sample is required by researchers for making generalizations about the targeted population. This is the reason why researchers need to be careful when sampling. There are different techniques of achieving the probability sampling, which has been widely used by different researchers (Uprichard 2013, p. 5). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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