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Understanding Organizations Through Imagery - Assignment Example

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The culture is derived from the relationship the organization has with its stakeholders such as the investors, customers, government and the…
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Understanding Organizations Through Imagery
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Extract of sample "Understanding Organizations Through Imagery"

Understanding Organizations through Imagery of Learning Understanding Organizations through Imagery Corporate culture entails the shared standards, attitudes, beliefs and values, which define the nature of an organization and its members. The culture is derived from the relationship the organization has with its stakeholders such as the investors, customers, government and the general public. It is also integrated in the organizational goals and objectives and thus dictates the ultimate failure or success of an organization (Tosi, 2009). It is worth mentioning that corporate culture has a direct effect on the public perception towards the organization. This has led to the growth of corporate social responsibility a move that tries to improve the organizational image within the outside World (Jones, 2013).
Possible defects with corporate cultures lies in the way it affects the business management and operations. There exist a thin line between a healthy and unhealthy corporate culture which has a direct effect on the employees, sales and the overall customer satisfaction (Tosi, 2009). A culture that encourages aggressive behavior on the part of employees can be a turn off for the customer and thus drive sales downwards. Furthermore, an unhealthy culture can disrupt the team spirit among employees reducing their level of commitment on improving sales and services to customers (Scott & Davis, 2007). Thus, the top management should strive to ensure they propagate a healthy culture to the employees for a successful retail management.
The images that I am most familiar are those that depict an organization as a living organism and an instrument of domination. This is demonstrated in the manner in which an organization struggles to survive within a competitive environment. Employees are subjected to long working hours to ensure service delivery of goods and services to the customer beyond the normal working hours e.g. in supermarkets. Unfortunately, a reduction in consumer purchasing power leads to employees’ retrenchment as the retail outlet try to reduce the operational cost (Jones, 2013).
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Tosi, H. L. (2009). Theories of organization. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Read More
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