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The aggregated data on the information provided refer to the data that provide information on a wide range of products to the marketers, but do not provide information that can be traced back to a single product. In the data provided therefore, they are predominantly a…
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Analyze data and Pivot Chart
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Analyzing Data and Pivot Chart What data have been aggregated? The aggregated data on the information provided refer to the data that provide information on a wide range of products to the marketers, but do not provide information that can be traced back to a single product. In the data provided therefore, they are predominantly a collection of aggregated, or summaries of products that possess particular characteristics or a number of characteristics that describe the product key codes, product identity, stock keeping unit as well as the sell year. An example of the kind of information that can be found under the aggregated data might be the sum of the actual revenue of the products with the key code A001, B001, B002 or C001. Either way, the aggregated data could be the sum of the forecasted revenue of the products with the key code A001 or B001, B002 or C001.
2. What time period is involved?
The time period involved here is a forecast period of a year. The year forecasted here is the possible sale for 2014.
3. Is this a snapshot (moment in time) or a more complete set?
This seems to be a snapshot and not a more complete set since it combines the forecast for the year as a whole, but not for particular months, weeks or days.
4. What is the difference between Expected and Actual ROI?
5. What did you notice about the results?
The result is a more summarized and easy to use data for interpretations. It gives more comprehensible information on the aggregated product key codes and their sum of forecast and revenue.
6. What questions would you ask to find out why the results turned out the way they did?
Questions such as, compare the actual and forecasted revenue for the products in 2014, or what was the actual and the forecasted revenue for each product key code for in 2014? To answer such questions, the data has to be analyzed so as to provide such results. Read More
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(Analyze Data and Pivot Chart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Analyze Data and Pivot Chart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Analyze Data and Pivot Chart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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