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The term “Telemetry” in health care refers to the cardiac monitoring for elderly. It serves as a transforming data device to the hospital where the heart…
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A6-Chpt 8
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Telemetry In HealthCare For The Elderly The aim of this paper is to define the telemetry in healthcare regarding the elderly patients and describe its benefits. The term “Telemetry” in health care refers to the cardiac monitoring for elderly. It serves as a transforming data device to the hospital where the heart is monitored. The data is basically the biological signals that are important for medical care. These signals are of importance monitoring the EKG, EOG, and EEG of a heart (“Telemetry Monitoring” 1).
It is like an ordinary heart monitoring and the main advantage of his health care system is that the person is able to get up from the hospital bed and move around but within the device’s range of transmission. With this device it is not necessary to keep the patient bound to the bed to keep check of its heart activity.
It also helps with reaching out a patient who meets an accident or a stroke as soon as the signals are sent to the hospital and the doctors are called for an emergency by the help of information technology.
There are different options that a patient can avail to this medical health care consisting of four monitoring schemes such as the outdoor activity area, emergency rescue, indoor residence monitoring and the modes of remote monitoring.
There are also platforms developed for the services to implement the monitoring schemes without difficulties.
Also, there are the web service server, message controller server, health- GIS server and data base servers that the developed platform consists of.
As the data is in an electronic form it is easily incorporated into other systems.
The patients at home or in a hospital can give the warnings earlier of any serious changes in the medical conditions. They get the rapid response from the hospital’s medical staff.
This service saves the time of the telemetery patients and allows them to return from hospital earlier.
The telemetry medical health care is serving patients with numerous benefits and is confiding the patients with all the satisfactory initiatives they require. It does have a fewer disadvantages but they can be fixed by being worked around. The advantages of this medical health care service always outweigh the disadvantages and they are off-cost.
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A6-Chpt 8 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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