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Business Ethics - Disussion Questions - Case Study Example

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As a corporate decision maker, I will have a mandate and responsibility to integrate the social, environmental and economic structures into the decisions-making process in developing the business. I will carefully use innovative ways in finding creative, value added solutions to…
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Business Ethics - Disussion Questions
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"Business Ethics - Disussion Questions"

Download file to see previous pages ork ethics will be formulated with an emphasis on loyalty and respect, a workable agreement on fair dealings, built trust, well-informed decisions on values rather than beliefs among other features. It will be important to therefore study, understand the country with its cultures and beliefs, and interact with the societies in order to deploy better relationships with the environment.
The trans-cultural integrated ethical decision-making entails the aspects of addressing the need for including cultural factors in the process of ethical dilemma resolution. This trans-cultural model incorporates well-defined concepts from multicultural theories into ethical decision-making models that can be adapted primarily from an integrated model deployed. This approach is presented in a format that can be used by counselors facing ethical challenges within a variety of settings and within different cultural groups (De, 2012). The benefits of developing a transcultural corporate ethic entail the aspect of improving the welfare of a society and the interests of the organization. The social responsibility in organizations will also be improved and this will enhance the course of an organization. The management has within its power the capacity to develop a transcultural corporate ethics. They have the ability to also strive to develop a strategy that embodies a jointly developed transcultural virtues, with this virtues forming a common bond through all cultural difference. It is, therefore, important to understand that profits and ethics are essential elements in the process of evaluating an organizations activity. During profits major on showing organizations results from a quantitative viewpoint, ethics also reflects the quality of these results.
In relation to this study, total is a gas company that competes with the Shell group with both being gas companies. Shell group amongst other things provides that all people should at all costs avoid conflicts of interests between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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