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The COMO Hotels & Resorts was invented in the year 1991 by Christina Ong. This international hotel group operates across the world through its wide range of hotels…
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Case Study Development Team Project
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Download file to see previous pages Ong before started off the hotel chain was the founder of Club 21 which is luxury retail and manages all the top most fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani etc. The Halkin Hotel was the first that was established in London and the company than added on more properties in a span of few years. In the hospitality industry it is very important for any company to establish high quality standards of services so as to facilitate the travel experience of the guest. The intangible products are added value through the gesture and behavior of the people delivering the services. The aim of the COMO group is to produce an exceptional experience and a memorable stay at their hotels and resorts. The company thinks itself to be a part of the community in which ever location it selects to perform the business operations. One of the most exceptional qualities of the company is that it believes that creating memorable moments for the guest is very important for the companies in hospitality industry but it is equally important to support the environment, economies and the local cultures (Ross, Lashley 96). The company even aims at delivering the best of services to its guests in the form of the best quality foods served at its restaurants, quick room services, organizing some game for shows its guests, and even developing the best of infrastructure so that the guests staying at their hotels would have a homely as well as exotic experience. The qualities that the group possesses have made the company on many awards in the past few years for its beautiful properties, architectural designs, restaurants etc and even made the name of the company occur in may esteemed magazines. COMO hotels and resorts have incorporated some of the well known designers in its operation so that the guest can have a pleasant stay in their hotels both in the time of locations as well as properties. There is one more outstanding quality that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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