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This quadruples Russia original estimate and it the largest in the Olympic history. The athlete exploit is overshadowed by objection over Russia’s…
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Article Review of How Russia won the IOC bid to host the Winter Olympics in the warmest part of Russia. The games are so unusual first for being held at the balmy Black sea resort that has contributed fifty-one billion price tag. This quadruples Russia original estimate and it the largest in the Olympic history. The athlete exploit is overshadowed by objection over Russia’s latest anti gay-law and the threat of terrorism from Sochi’s neighbors in North Caucasus region. The Russian president is determined to make Sochi a great success having spent many rumbles in Olympics in hopes of invigorating Russia picture in the world.
Sochi won the bid through Putin’s grand ambition, charm and promises to spend a lot of cash. The South Korean resort of Pyeongchang was the favorite to host Games but Putin made it his personal mission to get the bid, travelled to Guatemala City in 2007 and make Russia final pitch and sweet talked members of International Olympic Committee into voting in the favor of Sochi. IOC member Jean-Claude Killy said it was very important to have the presence of Putin and he spoke French that he never speaks. The cost has presently risen (Bloomberg Business Week). Sochi price tag is some sort of embarrassment. The Sochi game is quite relevant in the study of games and sport in class.
It is quite agreeable that the cost is high because it is being set in an expensive defying climate. The Krasnaya Polyana is filled with snow every February and the lower slopes have average wintertime temperature of fifty-two degrees. The officials have to drain swamps, store the previous year’s snow and install over four hundred snowmaking machines. Seventy thousand laborers working seven days a week for as little as U.S Dollar five hundred a month to build over twenty thousand new hotel rooms, new roads tunnels and bridges, renovated airport and new railway lines. A more sinister reason for the rise of the budget is the Beijing extravagant expenditure in the 2008 Summer Olympic.
In addition, Sochi Olympics are unprecedented thieves. The contractors who are Putin cronies had a phony cost of over twenty six billion. The estimated cost of the road and railway to be constructed was estimated a cost of $ 8.7 billion. Terrorism is also an issue of concern. Doku Umarov a Chechen rebel leader has urged the Islamist fighters in the surrounding area of North Caucasus to cause much bloodshed on the games as possible (Bloomberg Business Week). The Olympics states that Umarov is held on the bones of their ancestors and many dead Muslims are buried on the territory land of the black sea. To prove that the threat was not ideal, two men from North Caucasus carried out deadly bombing in December in the city of Volgogrand killing thirty-two people. Putin has put over thirty thousand soldiers in Sochi one of the largest defense operations in Olympic history.
Putin hopes that the seaside town becomes a year-round resort that will attract everything from political conferences to Formula 1 races. Others expect Sochi to up past other Olympic host communities like Beijing and Athens where most of the facilities are empty now. Putin hopes the games to go on successfully.
Last year Russia banned law on gay propaganda that promotes homose4xuality that is punishable for up to fifteen days in jail. This called for worldwide athletes and leaders to boycott the game though the IOC states that the legislation does not affect the Olympic Charter. The action of the worldwide leaders is disagreeable because the religious law does not support homosexuality. President Barrack Obama announced that he would not attend Sochi and instead two- gay ex-athletes to represent him.
The article is quite important to the international business as it creates awareness on the problems an organization can get in putting up strategic plans on ideal business. It also important to the International Law that helps people worldwide understand the different views some states, countries and president have on gay right.
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Olympics. 02 January 2014. 23 March 2014 . Read More
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