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The Conditions Promoted High Sales of Sand and Gravel within Sault Ste.Marie - Essay Example

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The author of this essay seeks to examine the conditions that promote high and routine sales of sand and gravel within Sault Ste.Marie. Similarly, the essay seeks to examine a company that ships aggregate to the Southern Ontario and Chicago markets.     …
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The Conditions Promoted High Sales of Sand and Gravel within Sault Ste.Marie
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Extract of sample "The Conditions Promoted High Sales of Sand and Gravel within Sault Ste.Marie"

There are a number of conditions, which provide a milieu for high sales of gravel and aggregates within the city of Sault Ste.Marie. Some these include the legal legislation on mining and sales of gravel and aggregates (Cowan and Leyland, 141). For instance, the Aggregate Resource Act of 1971 provides for the provincial resource policy, which gives guidelines on the mining and sales of sand and aggregates. The policy directs that the resources should be sold for local usages such as the construction of roads and rails. It is should be noted that the resource management legislation provisions play a fundamental role in providing a conducive environment for high sales within Sault Ste.Marie.
Conversely, the policy on close market influences the increased sales of sand and gravel within Sault Ste.Marie as compared to other markets outside Sault Ste.Marie. The policy requires that the resources be sold to near areas that need to be constructed or repaired. This policy aims at reducing the tonnage and transportation fee (Cowan and Leyland, 144). It is imperative to note that, the policy has limited usage of sand and gravel to the provinces of production and this has increased high sales of these resources within the Sault Ste. Marie. On the same note, it is realizable that, Sault Ste. Marie has a higher demand for sand and aggregates. The demand creates a ready market and this limits that need for markets outside Sault Ste. Marie (Aileen, 69).  
On the other hand, the conditions that will promote routine sales within Sault Ste. Marie includes the continuous mining of sand and gravel from the numerous pits and quarries spread across Sault Ste. Marie. This implies that the continuous supply of these resources will enhance constant supply consequently constant sales.
Pioneer Construction Company is one of the companies that ships sand and gravel to various markets, which include the Southern Ontario and Chicago.   Read More
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