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The author of the paper states that advertising does not have much responsibility when compared to the intentions of the company advertising its products in society. The company’s main aim is to increase sales regardless of the outcome of the advertising to society…
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DRAFT Counterargument Advertising do not have much responsibility when compared to the intentions of the company advertising its products in the society. The company’s main aim is to increase sales regardless of the outcome of the advertising to the society. The companies intending to advertise their products have much responsibility to the society than the advertising itself. The contents of advertising and the target group tend play major role in advertising than the product itself. For instance, some sexual appeals that are included in advertising may attract the attention of the society. It is not the advertising that attracts and influences the individual but the contents included in the advertisement.
 A company’s main aim may not be to sell their products or services alone because there are other important objectives of advertising such as advertising the company itself and introducing the new product in market. Company’s main objective varies from time to time and is considered necessary when it serves the purpose it is intended. However, the most important thing is to reach the target market as much as possible but not all people. Advertising may be received differently by consumers depending on whoever does the advertising and the contents of advertising. Consumers are different depending on the target market and therefore advertising is not bound to have similar effect on most consumers as alleged.
Company’s main objectives cannot be targeting children alone since it depends entirely on what the company deals in. There is no way a company dealing in electronics would want to target kids since kids do not even have the capacity of purchasing the products. Furthermore, if any company targets kids, the kids may change their taste either by intending to experience something new or due to change fashion and technology. Read More
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Companys Main Aims and Objectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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