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LEAN - Essay Example

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Care international is a good example of a service organization and it offers humanitarian as well as voluntary work to different people across the globe in time of disaster. This organization offers services such as relief assistance to people affected by hunger and famine as…
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Extract of sample "LEAN"

Care international is a good example of a service organization and it offers humanitarian as well as voluntary work to different people across the globe in time of disaster. This organization offers services such as relief assistance to people affected by hunger and famine as well as the people struck by natural disasters such as floods. As such, this paper seeks to establish how lean thinking principles can be applied to this particular organization.
According to CARDF University (ND), there are five principles of lean thinking. The starting point is to create value for the end customers and this is meant to eradicate all non value activities also known as waste. In this case, waste should be avoided by the organization since it specifically targets poverty stricken areas. The broad aim of the organization is to alleviate poverty among the less privileged societies hence the need for it to remain focused through the removal of waste. The next step that can be carried is to map the value stream of the customers. This is a very important part since it helps the organization to deliver value once it familiarises itself with the needs of the customers. The organization can use this principle in order to deliver value to the people.
The other important principle of lean thinking is to create flow by eliminating waste. In a service organization, steps ought to be taken in order to ensure that waste is eliminated so that its goals can be achieved without any interruption. It is also important for Care international to ensure that it responds to customer pull and demand. If the organization is in a position to establish the needs of the targeted customers, then it is in a better position to satisfy their needs. The last principle is related to pursuant of perfection. The organization can achieve success through perfecting its operations so that the targeted customers get the value of the service offered.
In undertaking its activities, Care International can implement the seven wastes of lean namely: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, over processing and defects (Quality Assurance Solutions, ND). . It is important for the organization to ensure that it is capable of transporting the goods to the targeted people so that loses that can result wastes are not recorded. The other important element is to ensure that inventory does not become a waste by storing excessive quantities of goods that are not required by the customers. Excessive motion can also result in wastes since high costs can be incurred during the movement of the employees.
Waiting can be a waste if too much time is spent waiting for the delivery of the products to the customers. Overproduction and over processing can result in waste as a result of the fact the organization is spending more money and effort on producing excessive products that may not be readily consumed by the targeted people. The aspect of defects should be avoided by the above mentioned organization since it can negatively impact on its operations.

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LEAN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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