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Deming points - Essay Example

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Edwards Deming have been crucial in the aspects of statistical control and management respectively. Therefore, this suggests that the ideas of the two scientists have been helpful in the respective fields in terms of…
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Deming points
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Extract of sample "Deming points"

Instruction: Task: Deming points The ideas discovered by Walter Andrew Shewhart and W. Edwards Deming have been crucial in the aspects ofstatistical control and management respectively. Therefore, this suggests that the ideas of the two scientists have been helpful in the respective fields in terms of initiating change (Deming 85).
Touted as the founder of statistical quality control, Walter Andrew Shewhart was an American born in 1891 and passed on in 1967. Similarly, apart from being a physicist, engineer but he was also a notable statistician. Shewhart participated extensively in the industrial quality control especially in the reduction of failures and repairs in the underground transmission systems. Additionally, this physics doctorate holder also devised the phrases of assignable-cause followed by variation in chance-cause (Deming 80). Shewhart is also credited with coming up with the concept of statistical control that is a fundamental technique in designed experiments. Furthermore, he used mathematical statistical theories in order to comprehend data drawn from physical processes instead of producing a normal distribution curve.
Therefore, there are several Deming points that assist in the management philosophy. However, in this case it is essential to study one and understand how it brought benefits to one of the group members (Deming 79). Therefore, in this instance, I think the promotion of education has brought numerous benefits especially when compared to the experience at Indiana State University. For example, it has enabled workers in gaining additional skills and expertise of handling matters. These include the arising challenges of modernity in the management world that are controlled by technology. Another importance of promotion of education is the ability to gain in terms of analytical thinking and memory of pertinent issues in the management field.
After the interview concerning the 14 points of Deming, the following points were highlighted as the direct benefits in solving situations (Deming 81). For example, the use of purpose to guide most objectives has been beneficial in terms ensuring the objectives of management are met. Similarly, the constant review of processes helps in the improvement of different areas of management. This is in terms of understanding of employees and motivating them to perform in their respective duties. Alternatively, the working of various departments as a team helps in the completion of tasks in good time.
On the other hand, politicians are conducting promotions on the basis of merit which is a tremendous step. According to Deming’s point of view, the promotion of education and acquisition of necessary skills are a necessity (Deming 90). Therefore, at the junior high level, it is imperative for teachers to gain to increase their teaching skills in order to enhance the standards of education. Similarly, in order to fit in the world that is constantly undergoing transformations, it is critical to learn new things in the teaching profession. On that note, it is only this that would increase promotion to senior ranks and added roles and responsibility.
Therefore, it is paramount to encourage the application of the ideas discovered by Deming and Shewhart in order to improve on the areas of management (Deming 89). This would ensure matters are approached from rationale point of view instead of just capitalistic sense.
Work Cited
Deming, Edward. The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education, 2nd Edition. New York, NY: MIT Press. 2000. Print. Read More
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