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Lean Six Sigma is a combined managerial concept of Six Sigma and Lean which was designed to improve quality and minimize if not eliminate waste (Fu-Kwun). The precursor of Lean Six Sigma was the Six Sigma which was first developed by Motorola in the 1980s. While it was…
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Lean Six Sigma process
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Download file to see previous pages Lean Six Sigma requires cultural change because at the core of its philosophy is the identification of customer value that any activities that is not consistent to customer value, or anything that the customer is not willing to pay for is removed. Thus, with the implementation of Lean Six Sigma, the organization is driven drive improve values that the customer is willing to pay for. Then a value stream is created to serve customer value. The process of Lean Six Sigma typically involves defining and prioritizing process, measuring performance, analysis of root cause, implement improvements and control the process. Training of Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts will also be beneficial to an organization.
The successful implementation of Six Sigma’s Tools has substantial impact on an organization’s bottom line and it was estimated that the typical contribution of an experienced Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt to an organization is $1 annually (Klaasse, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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