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This paper 'Digital Sub-Editing and Design - Purpose of Charts" focuses on the fact that there are numerous types of charts that are used in different aspects of today’s business world. The main purpose of a chart is to graphically represent a given set of data. …
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Digital Sub-Editing and Design - Purpose of Charts
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In today’s business world the piechart is one of the most common methods used for data representation. In a piechart, data is represented in a circular form wherein it is divided into different sectors with areas equal to the corresponding component. The percentage breakdown of the corresponding components is represented by the sectors also knows as slices. Pie charts are used in numerous ways during management meetings such as for representing resource and time allocations, budget categories, market share, expense analysis, income sources, etc (Quinn ).
The purpose of a pie chart is to clearly communicate the figures than it could be by a set of numbers. A pie chart gives more clarity than a set of numbers as the figures are represented as pieces of a pie. Greater the figure, greater is the size of the piece. Apart from being clear and increasing clarity, pie charts are also very simple and visually appealing making it easy to understand. It is also very easy to resize and makes changes to a pie chart.
Therefore charts, as seen in the case of pie charts, are a very effective way of representing data in a visual form that is easy to absorb and understand. Read More
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