Carter's Baby Clothes With Tagless Labels Cause Skin Rashes on Babies - Essay Example

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The paper 'Carter's Baby Clothes With Tagless Labels Cause Skin Rashes on Babies' presents the complains which made by a few customers regarding the issue of skin irritation in babies resulting from tag-less labels of clothing we make, we would like to note that the matter is under consideration…
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Carters Baby Clothes With Tagless Labels Cause Skin Rashes on Babies
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However, the company has received only 400 complains from 100 million garments sold in the fall 2007 line. It is worth noting that the company, together with its suppliers, independent doctors, and other specialists, has carried out a thorough analysis and found no known abrasive chemicals or skin irritants in the labels. It seems that the problem affects only a small number of children with sensitive skin. We can assure the customers that the company has had discussions with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, and since the problem is truly minimal and the skin irritation is not serious, we have decided not to recall the clothes. Instead, we would like to advise the parents of affected children to use other clothes, or to return unsatisfactory products so that they can get a full refund according to the company’s policies. Read More
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(Carter'S Baby Clothes With Tagless Labels Cause Skin Rashes on Babies Essay)
Carter'S Baby Clothes With Tagless Labels Cause Skin Rashes on Babies Essay.
“Carter'S Baby Clothes With Tagless Labels Cause Skin Rashes on Babies Essay”, n.d.
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