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This need is present all around the globe and at all times. These clothes are made use of by pregnant women when their body starts to…
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Maternity Clothes
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Module The demand and requirement for maternity clothing is not limited to a particular time of the year or limited to a specific portion of the globe. This need is present all around the globe and at all times. These clothes are made use of by pregnant women when their body starts to change following impregnation instantly. Their body not only changes physiologically but more importantly it alters physically. It is vital that during this time, the women feel comfortable and are able to move around with little distress. The entire duration of pregnancy is not easy since there are days when the women feel swollen, emotional and unwell. At these times, the women need clothes that are not tight and clinging onto their skin but are loose and make them feel relaxed. Furthermore, these clothes are of chief importance because they allow the women the freedom of movement coupled with the freedom of space and provide comfort to the unborn baby. It is not advisable for pregnant women to wear clothes that are body hugging because such clothes can make them feel suffocating. Apart from the factor of feeling at ease, it is also important to several pregnant women that they look trendy and gorgeous. When the women are dressed in fashionable maternity clothes, it makes it easier for them to cross this pregnancy phase and also the months after in which they try to regain their figure. Maternity clothes are an excellent choice for the mental as well as physical well-being and to prove to the world of their proud accomplishment (Broderick & Broderick, 2014).
Broderick, P., & Broderick, P. (2014). Importance of Good Maternity Wear. EzineArticles. Retrieved 3 July 2014, from Read More
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