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A & P - Essay Example

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Sammys feeling and behavior about these ladies show his amazement with the kind of embarrassment these ladies are showing to the public. The town is sunny and located only…
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A & P
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Extract of sample "A & P"

First Persuasive Essay Tradition versus Modernity The story unfolds when three ladies get in the A & P dressed fashionably in conformation with modernity. Sammys feeling and behavior about these ladies show his amazement with the kind of embarrassment these ladies are showing to the public. The town is sunny and located only five miles from the beach. As a result, walking bare feet and putting on clothes that expose ones body is justified. Moreover, modernity has overcome the tradition where fashion has become the order of the day. Therefore, people have to conform. On the contrary, Sammy is a young man whose attitude, immaturity and conservativeness, make him an ideal representative of the rebellious youth of the sixties.
While it is logical that we need to conform to modernity and all its package, Sammy is one young man whose attitude towards fashion is still backward. The ladies are dressed fashionably in conformation with the modern trend. On the contrary, Sammys attitude towards their kind of dressing considers them an embarrassment. Sammy finds this kind of dressing to be appropriate only when people visit the beach: "You know, its one thing a girl in a bathing suit down on the beach…" (2). Well, it is true that people used to put on decently in cloths that covered all their body-part long ago due to tradition. However, modernity has come with fashion and society has been forced to embrace this change. Sammy, and some few young men like him are still living in the past and do not want to accept the change.

Sammys actions seem very immature for his age. It is not normal in the modern world to find a young man destructed just by the way of dressing of young ladies. Young ladies in the modern society are known to dress fashionably, especially when they go for outing, date and even just strolling around. On the contrary, Sammy shows immaturity when he gets destructed by these ladies to an extent that he even forgets his duties and almost drops the jar on his hand: "The jar went heavy in my hands. Really, I thought that was so cute" (3).
Sammy is a clear example of those conservative, old fashioned and traditionally young men who only knows that money should be carried on ones hands. The author shows how amazed Sammy is when he saw one of the ladies without any money in her hands and was wondering where the money was going to come from: "Now her hands are empty, not a ring or a bracelet, bare as God made them, and I wonder where the moneys coming from" (3). This left Sammy wondering about where these ladies get their money from. It is only traditional to think that ladies are not meant to work for their money as it used to happen long ago. Sammy also shows his conservative behavior when he only consider ladies to be sex tools: "Darling, [Sammy] said. Hold me tight." (2).
In a nutshell, change is like the rest. Modernity comes with change that the society has to embrace. However, just like in every market there must be a madman, every society must also have those who are against this change. Sammy represents this group of young men whose attitude, immaturity and conservativeness still represent the men in the sixties. The young man lives in the modern society amidst those whom he considers embarrassment while, on the contrary, they just represent fashion which as an agent of change. Read More
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A & P Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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